Former Foster Youth Taniya Rose’s Story

Former Foster Youth Taniya Rose’s Story

At the age of 12, Taniya Rose found herself entering foster care due to her mother’s struggles with addiction, which made it impossible for her to care for Taniya Rose and her five siblings. Despite being just a child herself, she assumed the responsibility of looking after her younger siblings alongside her older sister. After three challenging years, at the age of 15, Taniya Rose and her siblings were finally assigned a CASA.

Initially, Taniya Rose viewed her CASA as someone similar to a social worker — someone who would come and go, lacking the time to provide the individualized attention the children desperately needed. However, she soon discovered that her CASA was much more than that. Her CASA became a steadfast advocate, speaking up for Taniya Rose and her siblings.

As time went on, Taniya Rose and her siblings were placed in different foster homes, with some of them being assigned to group homes. Despite being separated, the CASA ensured that the siblings had weekly visits to see each other, understanding the importance of maintaining their bond.

The CASA’s dedication went beyond the surface, recognizing the significance of these sibling connections. Amidst the turmoil of foster care, the CASA became a source of stability, ensuring that Taniya Rose and her siblings had the opportunity to be together and find solace in each other’s presence.

In the midst of their fractured lives, the CASA served as a lifeline, advocating for the well-being and happiness of Taniya Rose and her siblings. The CASA’s unwavering commitment demonstrated the vital role they played in uniting and supporting these siblings through their challenging journey in foster care.