Craig Haley

Craig Haley

Craig Haley has had one busy 2023. He started off the year as the CASA for four youth. Craig had been the CASA for two of the children, who are siblings, since 2020. Craig devoted considerable effort to support the two, yet as the they grew older, their desire for independence increased, causing them to gradually shift their focus away from the support offered by their CASA.

In summer 2022, despite one youth leaving their placement and another refusing visits while in Juvenile Hall, Craig stepped up to become the lead CASA on a case he a co-CASA on. The youth quickly bonded with Craig, greeting him warmly during visits and eagerly sharing their week’s events. Craig’s attentive, soft-spoken nature made him an excellent listener, always ready to discuss whatever was on the youth’s mind.

Then, in fall 2022, Craig was asked to be a co-CASA for another youth residing in the same home as his current case. The trio began building their friendship, fostering a positive connection.

In early 2023, the younger sibling that had drifted, reached out to Craig for help. He ensured their safety, enrolled them in school, and provided essential supplies. Craig also assisted the older sibling with medical forms but decided to step away from both youth as they remained disengaged, focusing instead on other children he was assigned to.

Throughout 2023, Craig and his two CASA children had a blast together. They dined out, went on a fun trip to Wild Waters Adventure Park, visited CALM, participated in CASA Clubhouse events, enjoyed video games, and had meaningful conversations. The oldest CASA youth, approaching 18, discussed independent living, and Craig offered support. Additionally, Craig facilitated visits between the young man and his siblings, fostering valuable connections.

Craig, you are truly making a difference in these children’s lives and I am so grateful that you agreed to this unique situation. Thank you so much.

– Myetta Beavers, Infant & Toddler Advocate Supervisor