Men of casa

CASA of Kern County is looking for a few good men!

While 51% of the CASA youth we serve are male, only 20% of our current volunteer advocates are men. That’s a statistic we hope to change! We know there are so many kind and dedicated men in our community who could be the difference for youth in foster care. Be that man!

Across the social services arena, female volunteers are abundant. Harder to find are the male volunteers. With fewer than 20% male Advocates and 52% male children currently being served, there is identifiable disproportionality amongst male volunteers at CASA. We need a bigger male presence: more male advocates would be invaluable for the children we serve and could increase the capacity of our programs dramatically.

That is why CASA embarked on a journey to build the “Men of CASA” model within our organization. Children in foster care, boys especially, need the presence of safe men. This is a great opportunity with a huge potential payoff for future generations.

Men of CASA show what a good man is.

Many children in foster care have suffered from a lack of male care and guidance in their lives. These children need to experience the positive presence of safe men. Boys, in particular, need positive male role models who can help make sure their needs are met and their voices are heard. Teenage boys frequently age out of the foster care system without the experience and knowledge of how to become successful young adults.

Men of CASA are champions.

Children who have been abused can’t fight for their own safety. You can fight for them. As a volunteer advocate, you will be part of protecting and safeguarding a child from further harm. You will gather facts and make recommendations to a judge, advise and consult with cps caseworkers, and help guide the outcomes of a high-intensity situation, and champion a child’s right to be safe.

Men of CASA have the power to change a child's life.

Because each CASA is appointed by the court, advocates have the necessary access and influence to have an immediate and sustainable impact on a child’s life. Whether it’s advocating in court twice a year, teaching financial responsibility, or simple things like how to change a tire or tie a tie, your influence can help shape our CASA youth into successful young adults.